Saturday, December 29, 2012

A fat little pig

I'm running around doing stuff other places than here on this blog, more specifically on the Motorious blog which is hot-wired to our shop in Copenhagen, so stay tuned there if you feel greasy. Sorry for the lack of posts. I'm bad, in a bad way, which is good.

Old Dirty Motorcycles

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Denmark: Coast to Coast

I went for a ride from coast to coast in Denmark with Allan, JO and Nicolas - and we only had 4-5 breakdowns - but they were all in the deep end of the pool. Sprocket came loose off of the axle on JO's Chief. Got that fixed. Then the Generator quit - but got that fixed - and from there on it was only minor rebellious attempts from the Chief bobber.

Nicolas's brakedrum suddenly came loose, as all the bolts where broken...but we managed to fix it with some help from our friends and Mosten MC - hey - make sure to go there for Race day!

A flyer for a party at Mosten...something about christening the new shit'er

A picture of Mogen's freshly rubbered drag-strip in the evening sun - good fun to paddle up and down on it - and what a great bunch of guys the Mosten crew is - hats off to these guys.

Camping near water.

Recreational activities, before a quick descent back into beers and bikes.

"4 hours of open bar - beers and Vodka burn - €8"

Camping near some different water

Bork Havn by night.

Kalø Castle - spontaneous old cars/bike meet-up
And the finally - a ouple of miles from home, I blew a tire on the rear wheel.

Good fun to ride the Danish country-side!

Old Dirty Motorcycles