Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Honda Ascot Street Tracker

This season's transportation around Copenhagen is a stripped Honda VT500 Ascot with a few alterations. It's a 500cc water-cooled v-twin engine (2 in- and 1 ex-valve per cylinder) w/ 2 Keihin carbs producing 48 bhp of the production line. Yes! It's fun to ride.
Got rid off some excess cosmetics like signals, dashboard, a few blinking lights, huge headlight, front mudguard, huge billboard taillight etc. I modified the tail-bit around the seats and panels, built a new bracket for the tail light, and mounted an improvised rear mudguard. Also changed tires to Heidenau (rear) and Dunlop (Front), and added gaitors to the forks as I've been having continuous problems with the fork seals. I've redone the forks just recently, so they should be good for another 5000 km's. I hope.

On the front I put a bottom mounted Bates replica 4,5" headlight (a bit off center) along with a single simple very poorly lit speedometer (for dramatic effect). Handlebars are from an xt500 or similar trail bike...not sure - it was a gift from the Wrenchmonkees. There's a Sebring exhaust mounted now which I'll replace when I get an idea of how to re-jet the carbs appropriately. The front suspension is progressive forks currently using a 10w/20w fork oil mix (which is a bit on the soft side) and air-pressure of 5-10 psi which makes a big difference in the handling if not pressurized. Dual piston single disc front brake. Drum rear.
Rides very well, especially at RPM's about 5-7k. Great for city riding. Light and easy to maneuver.

I'm so ready for summer.

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  1. Wow great looking bike!!!! How did you jet it after removing the power chamber/baffle that runs under the bike ??? I just picked up a ascot my self and the old owner cut off the chamber .... Great blog and i love the bikes i aim to have my ascot looking as mean as yours this bike is the sole reason i searched out a vt500 !!!!

    Rob M

    1. Hi Rob - Actually I didn't rejet it, and I had it on a Dyna-bench recently where it did 45bhp on the rear-wheel as opposed to the 48bhp on the engine which was the stock performance, so it's more or less stock performance. It does not necessarily need to be re-jettet, but I'd do trial&error if it where me. Sorry I can't give you an exact solution, but I'm limited by my intelligence level and alcohol intake. I'd check the tech-forums where people that now this post some guidelines and rules of thumb - then try it out. Thanks for the nice words about the bike - I hope you'll enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. Send me a picture when you're done - I'd like to see it. Best regards, Kasper

  2. Thanks Kasper my biggest concern was more or less keeping the front cylinder exhaust valve from cooking i guess its a issue when your running with out the power chamber/baffle my plan is just to watch my exhaust temps and ride the shit out of it!!! if your bike runs fine that way i don't see why my bike would have a issue.

    Thanks for the response and ill be sure to send you some pictures!
    Rob M

  3. Thanks for the reply kasper !!! I will be sure to take some pics of the bike and send them your way !!!!

  4. Last year I scrapped my 1983 VT500 ascot with 38,xxx miles due to the fact that parts were hard to come by, like the fuel tank etc. A few years earlier I had picked up all the parts needed to rebuild the front forks to include a new Brake Rotor from EBC, it looks exactly like the original except the paint. I gave the bike to a cycle salvage here in portland or., except I removed ALL parts that are really hard to locate like both side covers, the fuel tank which I located in san diego back in 2000, even it had a dent in it, but NO leaks since it was sealed inside and out. I put all the parts including ALL the brake parts on craigslist recently and had a hit within 3 days by some woman in springfield or., I sold everything for $300.oo

  5. Hi Kasper,
    which tires size you've mounted?


  6. 18" inch rims, Metzeller and Heidenau tires, some sort of off-roady pattern. Not sure which type exactly.

  7. Hello,
    Can you juste telle me witch fuel tank is it.
    Thank you

  8. It's the org VT500FT Ascot tank

  9. Ok thank you.
    I ask you this question because I'm french and I juste bought this (the same) :
    and I want to do something like your ascot but a lot of thing are different (exhaust, seat, weel, fuel tank). And in France it's very difficult to found Ascot's parts.

  10. which tires size you've mounted? 18 rims, tires sizes 120/80 or 130/80?

  11. where can I get a mirror like that?