Monday, July 11, 2011

Going to Berlin

Myself and J.O. were heading to Berlin for a few days in a borrowed penthouse, but a few things got in the way so we didn't get farther than Hamburg. It started with us taking the wrong ferry (how stupid is that), and I then continued to have tons of trouble with my big twin Flathead:

Loose valvecover spilling oil all over the engine, exhaust, boots, socks, floorboard, saddlebags - you name it.

Snapped a chain in the middle of German Holstein somewhere.

Out of gas. On the freeway. In the fast lane. No warning...just a straight shut off.

Boiling hot front brake threathing to lock. Wheel off. Wheel on.

Zero braking ability.

Dropped hollow dash-bolt again, resulting in the dash suddenly coming loose and wanting to go flying on it's own.

Rain-storm out of nowhere.

Pissed off bumble bee crawling into my helmet by the ear at speed...good thing the pointy pulsating end of this dog was facing the helmet.

Busted gas-cable. Thanks for the help, Peter!!

But - let there be no mistake, it was all worth it!

Old Dirty Motorcycles

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  1. That´s The Siprit Captain - Defend Freedom and Justice - on a Harley-Davidson...