Sunday, December 11, 2011

My First Car

Me and my friend Lau have started a business venture (more on that later), which has resulted in me being the proud (part-) owner of this Military LT35 2,4TD 1987 Ambulance. It's running a 6 cylinder turbo engine, the LT Turbo 1G - 92BHP, T/Diesel 2383cc 6 OHC '87-92 model, and is fitted with 4 extra headlights, 6 extra taillights - 2 of which are under the van. The box is isolated, so good for well as transporting motorcycles. It's got new tires with newly powder-coated rims, 8 electrical outlets in the cabin (better safe than sorry!) and 4 x 3-way speakers. It's not the car I would ever have imagined to be my first, but I'm so very glad it is!


Old Dirty Motorcycles

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