Sunday, February 05, 2012

Getting to the bottom of things

I've taken the Flathead apart down to the bones, so now it's just a matter of putting it back together with the proper nuts and bolts. There was a lot of quick-fixes on it from the previous owner - but no more of that here. The side project with the stroker engine is coming along fine now as I've finally gotten all the parts needed - this thing eats €'s like it was cake with sprinkles. Anyway, I'll be able to drop the new engine in within a month or so - and then I might have the "74 Flathead up for sale, but haven't really decided yet. I can see I'm a keeper more than a seller.... The Torque-monster flywheel in the new engine in combination with the 80" cylinders should make it a 84" engine more or less - so the old '47 Flattie should have bit more bite than last summer. Also got new cams, new valveseats, new valve-stems, NOS oilpump, redid the scavenger pump, aluminum heads and replaced bla bla bla, so it'll be a nice piece of metal to kick and ride.

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