Saturday, March 24, 2012

Motorious is open for business

In one of the oldest city-blocks still standing in Vesterbro in Copenhagen, Denmark, myself and my friend Lau are very proud to open "Motorious". It's a small shop that offers clothes for you back and parts for your old bike.

The clothes are mostly from small collections from some of the bike-builders around the world we know, as well as some affordable casual wear. The parts are mostly for old harley's pre-70's (mainly BT & 45 flatheads), both New Old Stock and regular items (gaskets, spark plugs, batteries) and used parts (right now we have a few old saddlebags, some rims, magneto, linkert etc) that we come across. We also have that quart of 50 grade oil for your bike that you've always forgot to buy before the weekend starts. If you also forgot to buy a pair of classic engineers, then we're also the place to go. We're continuously stocking up on both parts and clothes, so stay tuned.

I'm heading there now - first Saturday with the shop open. Springtime and Sunshine. Come say hi!

Old Dirty Motorcycles

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