Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flathead stroker - update 2'ish

So, the engine is now assembled - and on it's way into the frame.

Hylomar is the shiz.

There was a bit of a hazzle with the bottom mount for the scavenger pump, so I had to call Lau Gotthard for a favor and actually got to pillage his partially assembled WLC engine for this part - what a champ - thanks for that!

So for my next trick I've been putting the complete bike together - electrical, using a magneto and no battery - more on that in a later update.

Also spent a few minutes getting the 38mm Mikuni on there. It looks good, and should feed this puppy sufficiently. Starting out with a 350 jet and needle in middle position - and I'll take it from there. 

Had to do a bit of porting on the manifold as there was a huge wedge where the Mikuni met the manifold, which should help improve flow a bit.

Getting closer to making some noise!

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